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Be sure to read this information before you use your new International Handgun Leather holster.

International Handgun Leather takes pride in the meticulous detail and quality which goes into each and every one of its products and feels confident that those products are the finest available to today's consumer. Despite this fact, it is an undeniable fact that firearms are potentially dangerous instruments which can, as we all know, cause serious injury and/or death.

Adequate training with an accredited firearms instructor is highly recommended by International Handgun Leather. The successful completion of such an accredited firearms safety program is highly recommended for any person who plans to handle any firearm under any circumstance. It is a fact that loaded handguns can discharge while being placed into or removed from a holster. Use the utmost care and responsibility whenever handling your firearm.

The carefully detailed fit of your International Handgun Leather holster requires that the proper holster be utilized with the proper handgun. Never attempt to place your loaded handgun into your International Handgun Leather holster without first making sure that it fits properly while unloaded.

Please be advised that no mechanical safety devices should be trusted and that carrying any firearm with a cartridge chambered is to invite unintentional discharge which, as set forth above, can cause grave personal harm and/or death. International Handgun Leather formally discourages carrying a firearm with a chambered cartridge.

Never forget the rules on the safe handling of firearms: Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire; always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction; only point your firearm at those things you are willing to destroy, and: be sure of your target and its backstop before firing.

In addition to those rules, never attempt to cock and/or fire a handgun while it is holstered in your International Handgun Leather holster. Such use is highly likely to damage the holster and/or the firearm and may lead to an unintentional discharge, causing grave personal injury and/or death. Semi-automatic handguns carried in "condition one" (cocked with the safety engaged) is a practice which is appropriate only for well-trained, experienced and skilled shooters. It is not a practice which novice firearm owners should attempt under any circumstances. To carry a semi-automatic firearm in condition one increases the risk of unintentional discharge manifold. As such, specialized training should be successfully completed before one attempts to carry a firearm in condition one.

International Handgun Leather holsters are designed to fit stock, or nearly stock, handguns. Grip adapters, target grips, trigger shoes, telescopic sights, etc., or any other modifications to the handgun, may lead to improper holster fit, which can lead to the gun's falling or being knocked out of the holster, catching on a part of the holster during draw / re-holster and unintentionally discharging, etc.

To use an improperly modified firearm in an International Handgun Leather holster is to invite unintentional discharge. Further, any alteration to the holster by the consumer could also cause an unsafe condition substantially increasing the likelihood of unintentional discharge. Any such modifications to either the firearm or the holster are clearly beyond the control of International Handgun Leather and are expressly discouraged. All holsters manufactured by International Handgun Leather are highly dependent upon proper fit for safety and retention.

If your International Handgun Leather product becomes loose or defective, it should be discarded. The very nature of leather and the other synthetic materials utilized in the manufacture of our products means that they will, eventually, wear out. To use a worn holster to carry a loaded firearm is, again, to invite unintentional discharge. Make sure that your gun is properly fitted and is placed securely and properly in its International Handgun Leather holster before use.

Pay attention upon drawing or holstering your firearm from your International Handgun Leather holster and be sure to follow the above-referenced rules of safe firearms handling, including, most notably, to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Always be aware of the retention of your firearm when engaging in strenuous physical activity as a gun falling out of a holster is, again, an invitation to unintentional discharge.

Keep your firearms away from, and/or out of reach of children. No disclaimer and no amount of information can replace the value of common sense and safety awareness. Make such practices a part of your everyday shooting routine and you will be able to utilize your International Handgun Leather holster in safety for many years. Thank you for purchasing our product.

Any questions, comments or concerns should be addressed to: International Handgun Leather, P.O. Box 10700, Glendale, AZ, 85318, USA.
Phone # (602) 269-0202 


All products manufactured by International Handgun Leather are sold "as is" and "with all faults". While we are proud of our product and feel that it is of the highest quality possible, the risk as to that quality and/or the performance of the product is with the buyer. Should the product prove defective following purchase, the buyer, rather than the manufacturer, distributor or retailer assumes the entire risk of all necessary service/repair. All warranties as set forth in article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and all other warranties, both expressed and/or implied, are excluded from this transaction and do not apply to this product. The sole determination of the fitness or the suitability of this product for any specific use falls entirely upon the buyer.

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